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AEON is a family of eye drops designed to support the health of your tear film. Recently published research suggests that dry eye may be a hidden obstacle to some patients’ satisfaction with their cataract surgery.1

That’s why we created AEON, a new eye drop family designed specifically for use before and after eye surgery, to aid your recovery and to optimise your vision after eye surgery.

At Rayner, we have been providing the best visual outcomes for patients since 1910, and we understand the challenges that can be experienced following eye surgery – AEON products were created specifically to help you with ocular surface disease, before and after surgery.

All AEON products are preservative and phosphate free*.

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What is my tear film?

The tear film protects and nourishes the cornea; the outer layer of cells on the front surface of your eye - your window to the world. Your cornea is responsible for up to two-thirds of your eye’s optical power, needed to focus light onto the back of your eye (retina), to help you to see well. Maintaining a healthy tear film is therefore important in ensuring good sight.

What is dry eye?

When the tear film does not function correctly, and not enough tears are produced, the eye dries out. This is a common condition and is referred to as dry eye syndrome or keratoconjunctivitis sicca. Although it particularly affects older people, it can occur at any age.

Dry eye before and after surgery?

Before eye surgery
It is important to prepare your eyes for any eye surgery. Your ophthalmologist (eye surgeon) may suggest using eye drops to treat dry eye in the lead up to your surgery. This helps the ophthalmologist accurately take measurements from your eye and gives the best chance of achieving the vision you desire.


After eye surgery
It is perfectly normal to experience dry eye after eye surgery, in fact over 60% of patients that undergo cataract surgery suffer from dry eye and it is even more common after laser surgery. Surgery to the eye surface can temporarily damage the nerves that are important in regulating tears. You may experience a gritty sensation after surgery which is associated with dry eye and it can last a few months whilst the nerves regenerate.

AEON Eye Drops

AEON is a family of eye drops formulated to support the health of your tear film. AEON REPAIR and AEON PROTECT PLUS have been formulated specifically to support eye surgery patients. Developed using the latest technology, they provide an artificial tear film that provides comfort for your eyes. They are intended to aid your recovery and to optimise your vision after eye surgery.

The diagram below outlines when AEON REPAIR and AEON PROTECT PLUS are best used to support recovery of the tear film around eye surgery.


Using AEON to support your tear film


What is it?
Eye drops designed for aiding recovery and relief of the feeling of dry eye following eye surgery. AEON REPAIR is a premium eye drop that provides an artificial tear film on the eye’s surface for lasting relief and recovery immediately after eye surgery.

Why is it good for me?
AEON REPAIR combines sodium hyaluronate (HA) with vitamins A and E. The ingredients are tailored to help support visual outcomes following eye surgery.



What is it?
Eye drops designed for use in the weeks before and after surgery. Some eye surgery patients find they need to use them for longer, more frequently, or experience varying  levels of discomfort. Everyone is different.

Why is it good for me?
AEON PROTECT PLUS has been formulated to give relief from moderate to severe dry eye. It contains cross-linked sodium hyaluronate, which results in longer lasting lubrication of the eye’s surface.



What is it?
AEON PROTECT has been formulated to provide relief for mild to moderate dry eye. It uses a 2nd generation preservative that keeps the eye drops sterile in the bottle, but once in contact with the eye dissipates into components naturally found in tears (Na+, Cl-, O2 and H2O).


Why is it good for me?
AEON PROTECT contains sodium hyaluronate 0.3 % with PEG 400 which provides long-lasting lubrication and relief from dry eye.



How to apply my eye drops

To ensure your best chance of success it always helps to take advice from the experts. This is the technique recommended by the pharmacy team at the world renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital.

If you are using multiple eye drop treatments, always consult your ophthalmologist on how to use them in combination.


Check the expiry date on your eye drop bottle.


Wash your hands before opening the bottle.


Lie down or sit down and tilt your head back.


Make a fist with one hand and use your knuckles to pull your lower lid downwards. Place your other hand with the eye drop bottle onto your knuckles.


Look up and squeeze one drop into your lower eyelid making sure the nozzle doesn’t touch your eye, eyelashes or eyelid.


Close your eye and press gently on the inner corner of your eye, ensure the drop is fully absorbed.

Keep in mind…

  • Before using your eye drops for the first time, turn the bottle upside down, and slowly squeeze the bottle until a few drops come out onto a tissue.
  • It’s best not to move too much or blink. This will help accuracy and help you to keep as much of the drop in your eye as possible.
  • Sometimes you miss. It can be frustrating to feel an eye drop running down your face. Take a deep breath and try again. Every time you get a drop into your eye is a success!
  • If you struggle, don’t give up. It’s important that your eye gets the drops it needs.

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